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Artist is Damian Fulton

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Ars amandi ♥ the art of love.

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Roth o.o

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fixing the carbs on my bike with my old man

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life on a motorcycle


life on a motorcycle

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It’s shit.
It’s beat up. It’s not in or rad or the fad. It’s jap crap. It’s not the cool bike to have. It was cheap and ugly and needed work- but so was I.
So I put in the work and learned the art of motorcycle maintenance. And this shitty vn800 has proven bulletproof. I’ve put 25,000 miles on this bike alone. It’s been rejected by Canada. It’s flirted with Mexico. It has had a passionate love affair with the American west.
I could have bought a cooler bike a dozen times over the last few years. Traded my workhorse for street cred, and I might yet still as my lust for new experiences grows. But at no point in time will I ever be embarrassed or ashamed to ride this machine. I may never sell it.
So the cool kids with 2000 miles under their belts can judge from the saddle of their cool kid bikes that they don’t take off road and don’t ride through rivers and don’t grind their pegs on, and I’ll just concede. It’s a piece of shit- that never fails me.
May 2014

true old school biker

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